SharesInvest in more than 9000 shares CFDs

Analyse and trade stocks or CFDs from major global financial markets directly via our award-winning platform. Take your position now on Apple, Google, Barclays, ExxonMobil, Orange, Renault and many more.

Access to Major Markets

Access 9,000 global Stocks on 15 of the world’s most popular exchanges. Choose Stocks from the US and Europe to create a portfolio that best suits your trading style.

Trade Shares via CFDs

Trading shares through CFD’s allows you to take either ‘Short’ or ‘Long’ positions for any single share without the need for owning the physical share. You can also use leverage to increase your position size.

Your Stocks Trading Platform

A platform that allows you to make the most of your trading and keep your finger on the pulse of the Stock Markets. Use our Reuters news to access financial data and the free Pattern Recognition software to spot potential opportunities.

Share CFDs Commissions structure

CountryCommissionMin. CommissionTrading Hours (GMT)
US2.5 cents / shareUSD 1514:30 - 21:00
EU0.20 %EUR 708:00 - 16:30 *

* some exchanges might have breaks or close earlier.

Trade the Financial MarketsLearn more on what we have to offer


More than 9,000 shares and CFDs from major financial markets.


More than 1000 ETFs available. Get exposure to a basket of securities through a single product.


Trade the world’s most popular indices on our platforms; US, EU, UK & Asia.


Over 300 currency pairs, including Major, Minor & Exotic pairs.


Energy, Metals & Agriculture (Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver, Sugar, Wheat and more)


Trade government debt instruments such as gilts, bunds and treasury notes via CFDs.

Discover the rates from our range of products

0.7 pips

Forex spread as from

77 €

Stocks (FR) as from

11 point

CFD indices as from

Over 330 FX pairs

Spreads from 0.7 pips

Award-winning platform

Risk management tools

Leverage up to 500:1

100% automated execution

The FX & CFDs PlatformFor Best Spreads & Leverage

This platform provides one of the most competitive spreads for FX & CFDs and has been designed to suit the various trading strategies adopted by traders in these markets. CFDs include Indices, Commodities & Treasuries.

Platform Features

Award-winning platforms

Whatever your trading style may be, we have the right interface for you. Our state-of-the-art trading platform helps you trade intuitively and effortlessly with real-time access to comprehensive news, research, fundamentals, advanced charting and market data.

Works on all devices

Take your platform with you, to use when you need it. Whether you prefer to trade from a PC, tablet, iOS or Android device, with this single platform you can trade at your own convenience and enjoy a seamless trading experience with all settings carried over between devices.

Advanced charting technology

Our fully-integrated technical analysis suite has been developed in-house and incorporated into our award-winning charting package, to deliver all the tools you need to analyse the financial markets. You can quickly switch between chart intervals, access over 80 technical indicators and drawing tools to make the most of market opportunities.

Fully customizable

Set up the platform the way you like it. Our award-winning platform allows you to completely customise your design layouts, offering the ability to save and switch between up to five different trading layouts. Our layouts, charts and technical indicators are all customisable, offering you the ability to set up your charts and technical analysis exactly as you like.

Portfolio management system

Take greater control of your execution. Place or close trades, edit stop-loss and take-profit levels directly from your charts. This simple-to-use feature allows you to use historical price action to make better-informed entry and risk management decisions.

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