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How to open your Trading Account?

Opening a trading account with Capstock is fast and easy. You can complete the account opening form online or download our account opening application from here.

Whether you are a novice trader looking to practice your strategies or a veteran trader seeking a world class complete trading interface, open your trading account now.

What you need to get started:

3 Minutes

Fill in your application form

Proof of Identity

Passport, Driving License or National ID Card

Proof of Residency

Bank statement or Utility bill in the past 3 months

Choose your Account and Currency

General Client Details

Contact Information

Other Required Information

Purpose and Scope of Client Relationship

What is your purpose for applying for an account at Capstock Ltd ?

Risk and Disclosure

Below is an overall description of the characteristics of certain complex products and their markets and of the risks associated with these products. Further information is available on the Capstock website
Trading in financial products always involves a risk. As a general rule, you should therefore only trade in financial products if you understand the products and the risks associated with them.

Foreign exchange trading (FOREX)
When trading in foreign exchange, the investor speculates in the development of the price of one currency relative to another, where one is sold and the other is purchased. By way of example, an investor may sell British pounds (GBP) against the US dollar (USD) if he expects that the USD will increase relative to the GBP. Foreign exchange is traded as a margin product, which means that you can invest more money than is available in your account by borrowing money from Capstock Ltd. Foreign exchange may be traded as FX Spot, FX Forward or FX Options. FX Spot is the purchase of one currency against the sale of another for immediate delivery. FX Forward and FX Options transactions are settled on an agreed date in the future at prices which are agreed on the date of the transaction. FX Forward trading involves an obligation to make the transaction at the agreed price on the settlement date. A purchaser of FX Options has a right to make a transaction in the underlying FX Spot currency pair on the expiry date if the price is more favourable than the market price at this time. On the other hand, a seller of options has an obligation to enter into a transaction with the purchaser on the settlement date if requested by the purchaser. Purchased options therefore involve a limited risk in the form of premium which is payable when the contract is made, while options that have been sold involve an unlimited risk in the form of changes to the price of the underlying FX Spot currency pair. As foreign exchange is margin traded, allowing you to take a larger position than you would otherwise be able to based on your funds with Capstock Ltd, a relatively small negative or positive market movement can have a significant effect on your investment. Foreign exchange trading therefore involves a relatively high level of risk. This makes the potential gain quite high, even if the deposit is relatively small. If your total exposure on margin trades exceeds your deposit, you risk losing more than your deposit.

A CFD - or Contract for Difference - is speculation in changes in values. The product allows you to speculate in future increases or decreases in the value of a specific asset, for instance a share. If your speculations prove to be correct you will make a profit from the difference in value (less costs), but you will have to pay the difference in value (plus costs) if your speculations turn out to be wrong. Being tied to an underlying asset, the value of a CFD depends on that asset. CFDs are always margin traded (see the above paragraph on foreign exchange transactions).
As CFDs are margin traded, allowing you to take a larger position than you would otherwise be able to based on your funds with Capstock Ltd, a relatively small negative or positive movement in the underlying instrument can have a significant effect on your investment. CFD trading therefore involves a relatively high level of risk. This makes the potential gain quite high, even if the deposit is relatively small. If your total exposure on margin trades exceeds your deposit, you risk losing more than your deposit.

Individual Tax Residency Self-Certification Form

Please complete, where applicable, the relevant sessions below in relation to all relevant accounts and provide any additional information/documents as may be required.

if different to the residence address

Note: Please complete the table below indicating:
(i) where the Account Holder is tax resident and
(ii) the Account Holder’s TIN for each country indicated.

If a TIN is unavailable please provide the appropriate reason A, B or C where indicated below:
Reason A - The country where the Account Holder is liable to pay tax does not issue TINs to its residents.
Reason B - The Account Holder is otherwise unable to obtain a TIN or equivalent number (Please explain why you are unable to obtain a TIN in the below table if you have selected this reason).
Reason C - No TIN is required. (Note: Only select this reason if the authorities of the country of tax residence entered below do not require the TIN to be disclosed).

Upload of Documents

You may upload multiple files using the online file uploader below

Proof of Identity for all authorized signatories

Types of acceptable documents:

  • Valid Passport (Visible Identification & Signature)
  • Valid National Identity Card (Recto & Verso)

Identity documents must be current and valid, issued by the official government authority

Proof of Residential Address

Types of acceptable documents:

  • Bank Statement (Issued within the last 3 months)
  • Utility Bills (Issued within the last 3 months)

This document must be valid and include the current permanent address of the holder and be issued by an official government authority

Total max size allowed: 8mb | File types allowed: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Proof of Corporate Incorporation

Types of acceptable documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Documentation of who can sign on behalf of the corporate entity
  • Proof of corporate address

Identity documents must be current and valid, issued by the official government authority

Total max size allowed: 8mb | File types allowed: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Consent and Signature

General Business Terms

I/We declare by my/our signature(s):

  • To have read, understood and agreed to the General Business Terms (including the Risk Disclosure Statement)
  • To understand and accept that the General Business Terms (including the Risk Disclosure Statement)
  • To have received, read and understood the product information material relating to the relevant products
  • To have received additional in-depth verbal information about the products and the inherent possibilities and risks if so requested, and
  • To have received satisfactory answers to all my/our questions regarding the terms, conditions and other issues relating to the relevant products.

I/We acknowledge and agree that personal information submitted by me/us to Capstock Ltd:

  • May be shared with any Introducing Broker for the purpose of completing the due diligence and approving my/our application in case I have appointed such Introducing Broker
  • May be used to undertake a search with a 3rd party authentication service provider for the purposes of verifying my identity. To do so the 3rd party authentication service provider may check the details I supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. They may also use my details in the future to assist other companies for verification purposes. A record of the search will be retained.

Furthermore I/we confirm:

  • That the information provided by me/us and inserted in this form is correct and that I/we acknowledge that I/we shall be obliged to inform Capstock Ltd immediately in case of any changes to this information
  • That the investment amount has been chosen by me/us taking my/our total financial circumstances into consideration and is by me/us considered reasonable under such circumstances

By signing this form I/We consent to the below disclosure:

  • My personal information, including my name, personal identification number, address, etc., as well as client information, including account information, entries, investments, etc., submitted by me when registering as a client with Capstock Ltd
  • Capstock Ltd may provide me with marketing material regarding investments and related services, including new products and services offered by Capstock Ltd, and newsletters, market updates, and investment opportunities by email, sms, regular mail, or

Declaration of Tax Residency Self-Certification

  • I understand that the information supplied by me is covered by the full provisions of the terms and conditions governing the Account Holder’s relationship with Capstock Ltd setting out how Capstock Ltd may use and share the information supplied by me
  • I acknowledge that the information contained in this form and information regarding the Account Holder and any Reportable Account(s) may be provided to the tax authorities of the country in which this account(s) is/are maintained and exchanged with tax authorities of another country or countries in which the Account Holder may be tax resident pursuant to intergovernmental agreements to exchange financial account information
  • I certify that I am the Account Holder (or am authorised to sign for the Account Holder) of all the account(s) to which this form relates
  • I declare that all statements made in this declaration are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct and complete
  • I undertake to advise Capstock Ltd within 30 days of any change in circumstances which affects the tax residency status of the individual identified above of this form or causes the information contained herein to become incorrect, and to Capstock Ltd with a suitably updated self-certification and Declaration within 30 days of such change in circumstances
  • I declare that all information provided on this form is true, correct and complete and I undertake to indemnify that Capstock Ltd and its Officers in the event I would have made any misstatement in this certificate

Source of funds confirmation

  • I/We confirm that the funds transferred or to be transferred for trading purposes on my account held at Capstock Ltd are sourced from my/our personal funds and/or from benefits of transactions due to me/us all of which are known to me/us.
  • I/we confirm that the funds transferred now or at any time in the future to my trading account held at Capstock Ltd are not/ will not be derived from or otherwise be connected with any activity which is illegal or unlawful.
  • I further confirm that the transfer of funds to my trading account held at Capstock Ltd are not in breach of money laundering regulations and laws applicable in Mauritius including The Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002, The Prevention of Corruption Act 2002 and The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002.

Before submitting the form, please make sure you have read and understood all information regarding your Capstock Ltd trading account, including the General Business Terms, Declaration of Tax Residency, Source of Funds Confirmation and the Risk Disclosure Statement. To comply with anti-money laundering regulations Capstock Ltd is required by law to obtain the necessary required documentation. Capstock Ltd also reserves the right to request further documentation at any time during the approval process.

Capstock Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), with the Reference Number C112010791 and at the registered address: 9th Floor, Raffles Tower, 19 Cybercity, Ebene. Capstock Ltd holds an Investment Dealer (DiscountBroker)Licence pursuant to Section 29 of the Securities Act 2005, Rule 4 of the Securities (Licensing) Rules 2007 and the Financial Services(Consolidated Licensing and Fees) Rules 2008

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